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Centrifugal Pump Impeller Refurbishment

IRS has the philosophy “to help and assist whatever the problem and wherever possible” and many projects are quite challenging as can be seen from pictures of the impellers here as they arrived in very poor condition. Following consultation and chemical analysis of the base material, a repair procedure was produced and presented to our customer who agreed the repair. Intensive N.D.T and prep work followed and IRS continued with welding, dressing and proof machining of the components, painstakingly building back to original drawing dimensions.

With the welding and rebuilding processes completed, further N.D.T was undertaken following which the finished final coating was then applied and finish ground. Customer requirements and specifications requested for impeller rebuilding differ as to their working operational environment. Chrome Oxide on an Aluminum Bronze substrate was the optimum chemistries applied to these particular components, check out It is difficult to comprehend that these are in fact same impellers pictured before repair!

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