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Hard Facing Overlays

This major brake lining manufacturer suffered multiple production problems within the material mixing plant. Rows of identical mixing impellers in service demonstrated differing wear patterns and degree of blade erosion and as such ever-changing geometry. This serious problem resulted in inconsistencies in the brake lining composition leading further to the rejection of batches by their stringent in-house QA. Program.

Existing hard facing overlay material previously applied to the impellers also had a history of detachment, which rendered random material batches unusable.  IRS was approached to develop possible solutions to this very costly problem and immediately set about the task of designing solutions to both issues. Following extensive research, tests and trials, IRS was able to propose solutions to both the major issues. IRS proprietary chemistries were recommended affording significant upgrades to the impeller leading edge wear resistance that incorporated suspended carbide particulates held firmly within a matrix with dissolved carbides in solution.

The top faces of the impellor blades indicating lesser aggressive wear affording IRS the option of recommending a chemistry that would demonstrate a predictable wear progression. This initiative provided an indicator as refurbishment became due, but critically before the impellers lost dimensional tolerance.   In situ trials were conducted which were wholly successful. Result: wear life of the mixing impellers was increased by some 400%, batch inconsistencies became history and no further hard-facing detachment occurred. This remarkable research, development and implementation by IRS happened more than twenty years ago and it very much remains still the current refurbishing procedure.

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