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Typical Range of Services

IRS has built an excellent reputation in the rebuilding, reverse engineering and upgrading of a huge variety of components spanning a wide cross section of industries to make possible longer production cycles, increased efficiency and reduction of downtime. A typical snapshot of components such as:

Pump Components

  • Volutes
  • Impellers & neck-rings
  • Mechanical seal faces
  • Gland-packing and seal areas
  • Coupling diameters and bearing seats
  • Balance pistons and housings
  • Reciprocating pump parts, pistons, bearings and crank-shafts 

Compressor Components

  • Reciprocating Compressor Pistons, cross-heads, connecting rods, crank-shafts and bearings
  • Rotary-screw compressor rotors, shafts, seal & bearing areas, end-frames and housings
  • Vacuum pump rotor-shafts, vane-tips, end frames and housings

Wire producing industries

  • Capstan bull-blocks
  • Pulleys and sheaves
  • Mesh rollers
  • Drawing cones
  • Wire-guides and dies

Chemical plant And Oil related equipment

  • Kneader mixer assemblies and pins
  • Mud- separators and screens
  • Reamer chemical and wear resistant solutions
  • Hf acid plant components
  • Petroleum refinery components
  • Weld-cladding and chemical resistant overlays

Railway and rolling stock components

  • Traction motors shaft rebuilds and repair
  • End housing refurbishment
  • Seal diameters and bearing seats
  • Coupling diameters and flanges

Heavy-lifting and transportation

  • Sheaves and winch-drums
  • Brake drums and wheel hubs
  • Axles and bearing diameters
  • Brake cams

Vintage cars and vehicles

  • Engine crankshafts
  • Axles and braking components
  • Steering joints and suspension parts

IRS take enormous pride as a family owned and managed organisation in the support of our much appreciated client base. With a positive ‘can do, can help’ approach in partnering our clients problems, we do demonstrate that working together produces better solutions.