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Automotive part repairs offered by IRS spread across all modes of road transport and on site vehicles from small shafts on motorcycles to axle bearing repairs on container forklifts. We offer a range of services to get you moving, axle repairs, wheel hubs, brake drum, bearing shaft, bearing housings, seal diameters, brake disc and clutch grinding as well as crankshaft repairs. IRS have also been involved with anti-corrosive coatings on exhaust manifolds and related components on all forms of vehicles including military.

IRS have also provided an invaluable source of help to the classic car and restoration enthusiast as being able to repair obsolete components back to original condition and get their pride and joy back on the road.


Throughout the history of IRS we have provided a second to none service to the Wire drawing industry across the UK and backed up with the knowledge, experience and co-operation of our customers in this fi e l d IRS h a v e e x c e l l e d i n t h e refurbishment and quality expected by our customers.

With the advancement of technological coatings over the years we have been able to enhance our coatings to suit our customers needs where they have gained on product quality and production hours. The use of Ceramics, Chrome Oxides and Tungsten Carbides have now moved into wire drawing and with the knowledge gained we have been able to pin point their uses to our customers satisfaction. Improvements to drawing block coatings have greatly reduced common problems as slip and anti galling properties.

Refurbished components are many but to name a few, MRB, Eurodraw, Stripper and hi-draw blocks etc as well as pulleys, cones and seal sleeves.


Over recent years IRS become an invaluable partner in the reverse engineering of parts for this industry and with our Safety Critical Status in place we provide a excellent support service to major companies in this field with the repairs to the wide range of rotors and armatures seals , bearings, deflector diameters, end shields and various other rolling stock components.

Not just have IRS been involved with the keeping of our railway network up and running but we have also been delighted to provide our services to various railway museums the latest being Preston Steam Railway who keep our history going.


IRS have worked hand in hand with electrical motor repair centres across the UK providing a fast and reliable response to this industry. A wide range of services offered are repairs to seals, bearings, drive journals, end casings and weld repairs.


With the use of all IRS services, coatings, materials, welding applications, technical advice and ongoing research and development IRS are well proven in their support to these industries. Technological advances are being made in this field and IRS are at the forefront of providing these advancements to these industries with coatings and overlays to seals, shafts and major parts to increase the efficiency and life of critical components.


IRS have with the help of suppliers, customers and our internal research and development team are able to offer various coatings and overlays to suit our customer’s requirements to withstand chemical or environmental attack to abrasive and corrosive conditions.

The input of our R & D Team in developing one of our proprietary overlays are to be congratulated as IRS SUPERHARD which is already in extensive use in the UK and Internationally providing excellent results has put IRS are at the forefront in this field.

Components with these applied processes have been mixing impeller’s, shredders, impeller castings, blades, screw and ribbon conveyors, plastic moulding components, industrial and commercial plant and machinery to name just a few and with the ongoing development and advances in coatings and overlays IRS intend to supply our customers with the best available!