Thermal Arc Spraying Coating

What is arc spraying?

Arc spraying is a type of thermal spray coating. It involves two electrical wires being driven together and the resulting molten particles being forced out of the gun by compressed air onto a surface. It can also be known as wire arc spraying due to the wires used. Different materials can be applied using this method, and our experts can help to advise you on the best solution for your arc spraying requirements.

What are the benefits of arc spraying?

Arc spraying is a highly efficient way to coat a wide variety of products. Arc spraying gives one of the highest deposition rates of all the thermal coatings combined with low porosity levels. Arc spraying is one of the best choices for the prevention of corrosion, so is a good choice where the chance of corrosion is high. Arc spraying gives a high-quality finish while being quick to apply to a large quantity of material. This combination of ease of application and quality means that it is a cost-effective solution for your thermal spraying needs. There are more than 200 different types of thermal spray coatings available, including commonly used zinc and aluminium, as well as a multitude of aluminium alloys.


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    When should we choose arc spraying?

    Due to the combination of the high-density finish, and low porosity, as well as the cost-effectiveness of arc spraying, it is an ideal choice for offshore steelworks. Arc spraying gives an excellent finish and is one of the best thermal coatings to prevent corrosion. Metals in offshore areas are highly susceptible to corrosion. Arc spraying works well for offshore walkways, gantries, and treadplates, which are high-traffic areas and require a very resilient coating. Spray coating is also a good choice for dimensional restoration. Dimensional restoration is when we repair a machinery part that has worn away. This is often cheaper and quicker than replacing the part, and the arc spraying can make the finished item stronger and more long-lasting. Dimensional restoration can be used to make alterations to machinery parts, such as making them larger than the original dimensions. If you have worn, damaged or mis-machined parts consider arc spraying to restore them to full functionality. It is an excellent cost-effective solution for extending the life of your operating parts.

    Typical uses of Arc Spraying

    Wire Drawing Equipment

    Motor Armatures


    Machinery Equipment

    Friction Coatings

    Moulding Equipment



    Protection Coatings

    Pump Equipment

    Why choose IRS for your arc spraying?

    We are here to help you. We have invested heavily in our machinery and operations to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology. Investment in resources such as 8 axis robotics to ensure that our output is reliable and consistent. Not only do we invest heavily in technology, but also in people. Our friendly and helpful team is always available to discuss your problems with you. We are here with the solutions; all you need to do is tell us the problem. We have a can-do attitude, which is reflected in our saying “can do – can help.” So whatever your problem, wherever you are on the globe, and whatever your industry, speak to the experts at IRS.

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