HVOF Thermal Coating

What is HVOF?

HVOF is a type of thermal coating. HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxy Fuel. It works by mixing fluid fuel and oxygen in a chamber and igniting it. The resulting force is combined with a powder, which partially melts. The high temperature and pressure give a coating that hardens quickly. HVOF was developed in the 1980s as another form of thermal coating. Different powders can be used to achieve various finishes, as required, dependent on the end-use of the item being sprayed.

What are the benefits of HVOF?

There are a multitude of different thermal spraying techniques, and each one has different benefits. One of the key advantages of HVOF is that the thickness of the finish can be accurately controlled, to such an extent that it can be used to build up damaged parts and restore them to their previous dimensions. HVOF gives a high density, low porosity finishes due to the application process, this low porosity helps to prevent corrosion, as it limits the penetration of moisture. It provides an extremely resistant surface, with high hardness. Due to the speed of the application, there is a lower oxide content than some other forms of thermal spraying.


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    When should we choose HVOF?

    When you come to our team at IRS, we will advise you on the best thermal spray for your needs. HVOF is commonly used for the restoration of damaged or worn parts. Its low porosity makes it an ideal choice for using on sub-sea infrastructure components. It is used on parts that need to be hard-wearing and long-lasting, as coating components with HVOF can help to extend the life of the working parts. It is a good choice for valve gates and seats, mandrels, and ball valves. It is used on landing gear and in gas turbines. Whatever industry you are in HVOF can be an excellent choice for the maintenance and repair of important parts in your industrial machinery.

    Typical uses of HVOF

    Higher End Precision Equipment





    Wire Drawing Equipment

    Pump Components

    Wear Resistance

    Why choose IRS for your HVOF?

    When you come to IRS for your thermal coating, you don’t just get your items coated, you get to access our years of experience and knowledge. We have invested in our people to ensure that their knowledge is industry-leading and also in our technology to ensure that we can offer the latest in thermal coatings. We will be able to advise you on the best thermal coating for your requirements, whether HVOF, plasma spraying, or arc spraying. Our knowledgeable teams understand how the different processes will give you a different end result. All choices are a balance of cost, time, and need. We can help to make sure that you receive the best solution for you. We combine this knowledge with a quick turnaround time and a positive “can-do” attitude. Whatever problem you are facing, we will work with you to find a solution. Our teams are available for a no-obligation conversation about your thermal coating requirements. No matter the size, scale, or location of your project, we are here to help you.

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