Flame Spray Coating Services

What is flame spraying?

Flame spraying is the original method of thermal coating and has been used for over 100 years. It is a very straightforward thermal coating method and is highly cost-effective. It involves melting powder, rod, or wire using an oxy-acetylene flame and then compressed air sprays the melted coating onto a substrate. Thermal spraying is a simple process and is commonly used in less challenging environments than some other thermal coating methods. A wide range of metallic or ceramic coatings can be applied this way. Our experienced team will be able to advise on the best coating for your requirements.

What are the benefits of Flame Spray Services?

Flame spraying is one of the cheapest thermal coatings. The finish that it gives is of a lesser quality than some other thermal coatings, however, we can advise on the correct finish necessary for your project. There is often no need for a higher quality finish than that produced by flame spraying. Due to the nature of the flame spraying process, it is portable, easy to use, and doesn’t require a spray booth, this gives it additional versatility. Flame spraying gives excellent corrosion protection and an extensive cover which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of uses and industries.


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    When should we choose flame spraying?

    Flame spraying is an excellent choice for many projects. Anything with complex geometry is ideally suited to flame spraying. Commonly it is used for the reclamation of worn shafts, often for bearing areas. Due to the nature of the process, it can be easily done onsite and used on large structures. Any project where the quality achieved by flame spraying will be sufficient for the needs should consider our spraying services, as over-engineering can be costly and unnecessary.

    Typical uses of Flame Spraying

    Deliate Pieces

    Bearing Journals


    Why choose IRS for your flame spraying?

    At IRS we combine our investment in technology with our experienced team. This gives us the knowledge to advise you correctly, alongside the resources to ensure that we give you the best result for your job. Flame spraying is an excellent choice for many projects, but it is important to understand when the resulting finish will be sufficient for your requirements. Our expertise will be able to do this. This will give you the most cost-efficient solution, and prevent you from incurring extra costs due to over-engineering. Our understanding of the spec produced by different types of thermal coatings is essential to ensure that we can advise you correctly. Our team is always available for a no-obligation discussion about your project. We also pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times, as we understand that downtime is costly for businesses. Our experience covers a wide range of industries and we know how to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the correct specifications for your industry and your situation. For all your thermal coating requirements, the team at IRS are on hand. Wherever you are across the globe, we can help, simply contact IRS today.

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