Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

What are NDT services?

NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing. It is a way of testing the strengths of materials without doing any damage. It is an essential service in engineering. We can calculate how strong an item should be but being able to test the actual strength of the item can be crucial to construction. If materials are not as strong as they should be it can have devastating consequences and cause terrible disasters. Our specially trained engineers can apply a series of tests to materials to ensure there are no hidden flaws or weaknesses.

What are the benefits of using NDT services?

There are many things that you may have done in your life which count as NDT testing, though you may not have realised it at the time. A pregnant lady getting an ultrasound is a type of NDT service. An engineer examining the outside of a boiler with his naked eye for bulges or signs of wear is a type of NDT. Obviously, on an industrial scale, the testing becomes more complex, as we test for weld strength and flaws in metal. But the primary benefit remains the same. We are checking for risk. Every time we check that something is as it should be, we are eliminating some of the chance of things going wrong. The ultrasound may spot a problem, and doctors may be able to help. An engineer can see a problem with the boiler, and prevent it from bursting. An engineer may detect a weakness in a weld, and prevent a bridge from collapsing. Every time you use NDT services you are reducing the element of risk and potentially saving lives.


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    When should we choose NDT services?

    As we know NDT services are used across a wide array of different scenarios. We deal with clients across many different sectors, from agricultural to aerospace, from construction to industrial. The list of sectors that use NDT services is extensive. Anything that you make, any situation where you are relying on the materials acting in a certain way to achieve a certain goal, can make use of NDT services. Many engineering projects and construction projects require NDT services on certain elements of the infrastructure. We can provide you with the necessary paperwork and certifications to ensure that you remain compliant.

    Why choose IRS for your NDT services?

    As with most elements of engineering projects, time is crucial. At IRS we are renowned for our quick turnaround time. You don’t need your project waiting for your NDT to take place, you need to be able to rely on a quick turnaround to keep your project moving along. We have invested in both our equipment, and our team, this makes sure that we have the scope to turn around jobs quickly, and the skill set to deliver first-class results. The team at IRS are always available for a no-obligation discussion about your upcoming projects. So, whether you are looking for NDT services as a stand-alone, or require NDT services after our team have carried out your welding, we are here to help.