Mechanical Services

IRS Surfacing Technologies Ltd provide a wide range of mechanical services and support solutions that are perfectly in tune with the demands of your business operations.

From turning, super finishing, and milling and drilling, through to non-destructive testing, grinding and boring, and slotting, our highly trained engineers will oversee every stage of your project from the moment you get in touch.

Supporting your needs, all of our services will ensure that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently, across a diverse range of sectors.

Having worked with a wide range of businesses across the in the Pump, Chemical, Transport, and manufacturing industries to name but a few , we have remained in tune with the very latest technologies in order to adopt best practices and deliver effective and reliable solutions that keep your equipment running to optimum capacity.

We always go above and beyond to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions that work for you, offering unrivalled support that will ensure the vital components of your business are always in sound working order.



Manufacturing is the process of turning raw materials into useful items, machining is classed as a secondary manufacturing process. Machining is the process whereby material is removed to obtain…

Machine Grinding


Grinding is the process of removing material from an object by the application of an abrasive machine. It is a subset of cutting, as it involves removing material. It is often used for very hard…

Keyway Machining


A keyway is a slot or groove in the hub of a pulley, sprocket, or rotating power device that can receive a key. A keyway slots together with a key and a key seat and produces a very strong system. Keyed…

Machine Boring


Boring is the process of enlarging an existing hole to make it bigger using a single-point cutting tool. It is an important part of engineering. The process to make the initial hole is known as drilling, and the…

Fusion Spray


Fabrication and manufacturing are both industrial terms that refer to the process of construction or production, but they have key differences. Fabrication involves taking standardised parts and joining…

Shot Blasting

IRS Superhard is one of our proprietary overlays which is used as a thermal coating to withstand chemical or environmental attacks in abrasive and corrosive conditions. Thermal coatings provide…