Hypersonic Arc Spraying

What is hypersonic arc spraying?

Hypersonic arc spraying is a type of thermal coating, that is similar to arc spraying. In hypersonic arc spraying the two electrical wires are forced together and the resulting particles are driven out of the gun. Hypersonic arc spray is a more powerful version of arc spraying. When you come to the team at IRS we will be able to advise whether hypersonic arc spraying or arc spraying will be the best solution for your needs.

What are the benefits of hypersonic arc spraying?

Hypersonic arc spraying is a good choice of thermal coatings where a highly resilient finish is required. This high resistance combined with low porosity makes it the ideal finish for areas where there is a greater potential for corrosion. Maintaining components and parts can be vastly more cost-effective than having to remanufacture new parts for many machines. Hypersonic arc spraying is quick and easy to apply, so is good for larger surface areas where the cost of some other methods of thermal coating can prove to be inhibitive. Many different finishes can be applied using hypersonic arc spraying, from straightforward finishes to complex alloys for a variety of different requirements. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or agricultural industries, hypersonic arc spraying can provide you with a high-quality finish for your crucial machinery parts.


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    When should we choose hypersonic arc?

    Any location where the potential for corrosion is high will benefit from using hypersonic arc spraying. With the low porosity combined with the high quality of the finish, hypersonic arc coatings will provide an extremely hardwearing result. Ideal for areas of high traffic, and extreme wear and tear, such as gantries or walkways, the hypersonic arc spraying will dramatically extend the life of your parts and structures. Many locations are subject to high corrosion, and hypersonic arc spraying can be an ideal solution to these challenging areas.

    Typical uses of Hypersonic Arc Spraying

    Wire Drawing Equipment

    Motor Armatures


    Machinery Equipment

    Friction Coatings

    Moulding Equipment



    Protection Coatings

    Pump Equipment

    Why choose IRS for your hypersonic arc?

    At IRS we believe strongly in having a “can-do” attitude. We are always solution-focused and have the expertise to ensure that we have the knowledge to be able to resolve your problem. We have invested heavily in both our equipment, including robotics, as well as our people. We have developed and built our team to ensure that we have an excellent blend of different strengths within our team. Whether you need specific knowledge in engineering, technical, procedural, or chemical, we have the people to help you. We work with clients across many diverse industries, from agricultural to mining, from automotive to aerospace. We are constantly researching and developing our knowledge so that we move forwards at the cutting edge of technology to enable us to bring you the very best that the industry has to offer. Our teams are always available for a no-obligation discussion about your thermal coating requirements and are well-equipped to give you up-to-date and industry-relevant advice. Whatever the size or scale of your project we are here to assist you.