Hard Surfacing Welding

What is hardfacing?

Hardfacing is the process of applying weld to surface areas to reinforce or strengthen the area. Very thick layers are applied and a variety of different weld methods can be used to apply the weld to the surface area. Base metals such as stainless steel and magnese steels can be hardfaced, as well as nickel and copper-base alloys.

What are the benefits of hardfacing?

There are many benefits to hardfacing. It is generally much more cost-effective to repair parts than replace them. Hardfacing increases the service life of many parts, making them stronger, and more resistant to wear and corrosion. As hardfacing is a relatively quick procedure, it can help to reduce downtime. The better the parts work, the better the productivity, so maintaining and improving parts through hardfacing can be an economical intervention. Hardfacing can sometimes be so successful that it strengthens the item beyond its original status, so items can be improved by hardfacing. Parts can be hardfaced repeatedly, which significantly reduces costs and extends the life of the part. It is a sensible and economical action to take when considering how best to maintain your industrial components.


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    When should we choose hardfacing?

    Hardfacing is an excellent choice for a variety of industries. The mining and agricultural sectors often use hardfacing. Both sectors can be very heavy on their equipment, and using hardfacing to extend the life of their machinery is an economical solution. Any situation where metal parts are subject to high levels of usage that may cause them to lose their shape or functionality can benefit from hardfacing. Wear is caused by one of the following reasons: abrasion, impact, metal on metal, heat, or corrosion. If you know that your parts are likely to be subjected to extremes of wear, it is worth considering whether using hardfacing will be more advantageous in the long run. Hardfacing not only extends the lifetime usage of that part but also reduces downtime, as well as reducing the need to keep excessive quantities of spares, as the parts last longer. All of these elements give you an economical advantage for using hardfacing.

    Typical uses of Hardfacing

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    Why choose IRS for your hardfacing?

    At IRS Surfacing Technologies Ltd, our knowledge of diverse industries is second to none. When you come to us for advice, you can be confident that the advice you receive will be considered, professional and relevant. We have the understanding and knowledge to assess your unique situation and advise accordingly. If you are deciding which parts may be hardfacing speaking to our knowledgeable team will help. We don’t just understand our business, we understand your business, so we know how important a quick turnaround is. We are renowned for the speed of our turnaround, and always ensure that we act in our customers’ best interests, no matter the size or scale of the project. We have invested in both our infrastructure and machinery as well as our people to ensure that we have the resources to keep providing our excellent customer service. For a no-obligation discussion about your hardfacing requirements please contact our professional and friendly team for advice.