IRS Superhard Thermal Coating

What is IRS Superhard?

IRS Superhard is one of our proprietary overlays which is used as a thermal coating to withstand chemical or environmental attacks in abrasive and corrosive conditions. Thermal coatings provide increased protection and resilience to the base material. The process is commonly used throughout the engineering sector, and we have worked extensively with our research and development team, suppliers, and customers to be able to offer an extensive range of thermal coatings, which are designed to work in different, and often hostile environments.

What are the benefits of using IRS Superhard?

There are many benefits to using IRS Superhard. You can be confident that it has been carefully designed by our engineering team to meet the needs of our customers. It has been specifically created by our research and development team to provide even greater strength and resilience. IRS Superhard can help to extend the lifespan of parts or machinery in challenging environments. It can help to reduce downtime and increase runtime capacity. When you work with the team at IRS, we will ensure that we use the best surface technology for your project, taking all factors, such as environment, usage, and costing, into account.


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    When should we choose IRS Superhard?

    IRS Superhard is proving to be a popular choice amongst our clients and is being used extensively both in the UK and overseas. Our exclusively designed IRS Superhard is used across a range of industries and sectors, such as construction, agricultural, petrochemical, and manufacturing, as well as many other diverse industries across the UK and overseas. Our experienced engineers will advise on the best thermal coating material and process for your project. We have successfully used IRS Superhard on some of the following parts; mixing impellers, shredders, impeller castings, blades, screw and ribbon conveyors, plastic moulding components, industrial and commercial plant and machinery to name just a few. We will always consider the variables of your project before we advise you on the best surface coating technology for your needs.

    Typical uses of IRS Superhard


    Wire Manufacture

    Plant Machinery


    Chemical Process

    Many More

    Why choose IRS for your engineering needs?

    We invest time and resources in our research and development. This has enabled us to produce our IRS Superhard which is used extensively across the UK and overseas. Our understanding and knowledge are second to none, and we bring this enthusiasm and forward-thinking ability to every project that we undertake. Whatever industry you are in we will be able to work with you and your business. We don’t only understand about engineering, we understand business. Downtime can have extensive repercussions for business, and we pride ourselves on our swift turnaround time. We have invested in our infrastructure, machinery, and people, to ensure that we have the resources to maintain our quick turnaround time. If you would like a no-obligation discussion about the best thermal coatings for your requirement, our team is always available. No matter the scope of your project, whether large or small, the team at IRS Surface Technologies are here to help. Simply call today.