Metal Shot Blasting & Sandblasting

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a mechanical cleaning process, it belongs in the family of abrasive blasting processes. Sandblasting belongs in the same family and involves sand being sprayed at pressure onto a surface. Shot blasting involves spheres of material, or shot media, being propelled at another surface. This process is used to remove dirt, build-up, or debris from an item. It is commonly used as part of the restoration process of old, or poorly maintained items, and can be used before other engineering processes to provide a clean working surface.

What are the benefits of shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a good process to use for many reasons. Shot blasting can remove corrosion, even badly rusted beams and poles can be shot blasted down to clean metal and then repurposed or reused. Once the surface has been shot blasted it will hold a finish such as paint, or other coatings, better than standard metal. It improves the bond strength, which means your coating will last for longer and be more resilient. When a surface is dirty or rusted it can be difficult to see any defects, however, after shot blasting it is easy to see any problem areas. Shot blasting can then be used to smooth out the surface ready for the next stage of the process. Shot blasting is an environmentally-friendly process, as it only produces dust that is sucked away by a machine, it does not use chemicals. Furthermore, it encourages the reuse of materials, extending their service life and reducing the need for replacements. It is an extremely quick process, saving 75% of the time when compared to other traditional cleaning methods.


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    When should we choose shot blasting?

    Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metal; construction, aerospace, rail, foundry, shipbuilding, and automotive. Wherever there is metal, shot blasting is used. Any project where you need to maintain metal elements will use shot blasting as part of the process. When we advise on powder coating treatments, we often start by discussing the original state of the item to be powder coated. Rusty gantries in offshore locations that need powder coating, will benefit from being shot blasted before their coating is applied. Our services work together to give you an excellent final product, without needing to use many different service providers.

    Why choose IRS for your shot blasting?

    When you come to IRS, you can be confident that you receiving first-class professional services. We have many years of experience and are passionate about delivering high-quality results to our customers. No matter the size or scale of your project we will approach it with the same attention to detail, and enthusiasm. We will work with you advising and consulting on the best solution for your needs. Whether you need shot blasting as a stand-alone service, or as part of maintaining and repurposing, we are here to assist you. For more information about the services that we provide, simply ring our friendly team today.