Plasma Spray Coating Services

Plasma spraying is where powder coatings are fed into a high-powered jet, where they melt and are then sprayed over a surface. It is a type of thermal coating, and our expert team at IRS will be able to help you choose the best thermal coating for your requirements. All the different thermal coatings have distinctive benefits, and choosing the correct one will help your project have a more long-lasting and cost-effective result. Plasma spraying is a flexible solution for many industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and medical.

What are the benefits of plasma spraying? 

Plasma spray is incredibly versatile. Almost all materials are available in powder form for plasma spraying. Due to the process of how plasma spraying works it is possible to coat a wide range of materials. From metals to ceramics, as well as glass and plastics, the list is endless. This range means that plasma spraying is an excellent solution to a variety of issues, whereas other thermal coatings may not solve the problem. Plasma spraying gives corrosion protection, wear resistance, and heat protection which makes it suitable for a range of applications and uses.

When should we choose plasma spray coating?

Plasma spraying is commonly used for turbine blades, as it helps with clearance control. To improve the efficiency of turbines, which is both ecological good practice, as well as cost-efficient it is important to improve the turbine tip clearance. It is used in gas turbines for fretting wear and high-temperature resistance in gas turbine combustion hardware.


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    Plasma spraying is also frequently used for mining equipment and downhole tools in the oil and gas industry, due to its erosion and abrasion resistance combined with its corrosion protection. The key properties of the plasma spraying process including the extensive range of applications, make it an ideal choice for highly demanding industries. Mining, engineering, aerospace, automotive industries all frequently use plasma spraying to improve the lifespan and efficiency of their equipment and operating machinery.

    Typical uses of Plasma coatings

    Corrosion protection

    Pump components

    Wear resistance

    Heat resistance

    Turbine blades

    Gas turbines

    Mining Equipment

    Why choose IRS for your plasma spray coating services?

    With our global coverage and our solution-focused attitude, we are ideally placed to solve your engineering needs. We invest heavily in our resources to ensure that we can provide the latest technologies. This, combined with our exceptionally knowledgeable teams means that we can find the best solution for you. Whatever your industry we can help. From aerospace to mining, from automotive to medical, our experience is here for you. We always welcome no-obligation discussions about your project. Our team includes specialists in procedural, chemical, and technical processes, so we will always have access to knowledge, understanding, and experience. Not only do we understand the technical side, but we also understand business. We know that downtime is costly and we always work towards quick turnaround times on projects to reduce the disruption to your business flow. We know that one cog out of action can throw everything out of sync, so if you need a quick turnaround from a team that understands your industry, speak to the team at IRS.

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