Mechanical Boring

What is boring?

Boring is the process of enlarging an existing hole to make it bigger using a single-point cutting tool. It is an important part of engineering. The process to make the initial hole is known as drilling, and the process to smooth the inside edge of the hole is known as reaming. All three functions have their own importance, and different tools and equipment to carry out each piece of engineering.

What are the benefits of boring?

Boring is an excellent choice when we need to increase the size of a hole. Single-pass boring is performed using a diamond-tipped cutter, and the machine only passes once through the hole, this is a very useful technique for various reasons. It is very quick and efficient, a boring machine can produce a high quantity of holes in a short period. Single-pass boring can be used on a range of materials, not just metal, so is a versatile solution. Multiple passes when boring work best for blind holes. Boring is incredibly accurate, and whilst all industries require precision, certain industries such as aerospace require extreme accuracy. Boring is a very efficient process and has a wide adjustment range so that holes of different sizes can be created easily and swiftly.


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    When should we choose boring?

    Boring is the best choice of engineering process when we want to make a hole larger. As with many engineering techniques, it does not sit in isolation and works best when combined with other techniques to produce the desired finished product. Boring is a popular solution in many situations. Boring is used for water turbine runners, ring gear blanks, and flanges for large pipes, to name a few. Flanges are used across the industries so customers who use our boring services include businesses from the aerospace sector, the agricultural sector, the chemical sector, the off-shore sector, and the manufacturing sector.

    Why choose IRS for your boring?

    When you come to IRS for your boring needs you know that you aren’t just getting a job done. You are getting a complete service. We work with you to advise and consult, we can assist in your engineering problems, and help find solutions with our experience and positive forward-thinking attitude. Whether your project is large or small we will bring the same high level of professionalism and dedication that we are renowned for. We have invested in our equipment and our teams so that we have the resources to offer an excellent service with an impressively short turnaround time. We understand that you need reliability and efficiency to keep your projects on track. We understand the implications of downtime, and because of this, we endeavour to turn around our projects swiftly while always maintaining our high standards of excellence. If you are looking for mechanical services and support such as drilling, boring, or reaming, we are here to help. Our friendly teams are always available for a no-obligation discussion about your business requirement. Simply call us today.