Thermal Spray Coating Services

At IRS Surfacing Technologies Ltd we have extensive industry experience and embrace the very latest thermal fringe technology in order to provide high quality, performance-focused and cost-effective equipment’s for premature and severe wear and tear problems in the Pump, Chemical, Transport, and manufacturing industries to name but a few.

We provide a wide range of in-house custom thermal spray systems and technologies that can be used across a broad range of applications.

As leaders in our field, we are dedicated to providing quality and customer-focused coating services that accommodates your unique needs.

Bringing together the latest development and production technology, alongside our manufacturing expertise and product knowledge, we are committed to going above and beyond to consistently provide the highest level of service.

From the moment you get in touch, we will fully engage with your specific requirements to provide quality thermal coatings that are able to withstand the demands that come hand in hand with your business operations.

All of our metal thermal spraying systems have been expertly engineered to provide exceptional performance, durability, and simplicity in a range of applications.

What is a Thermal Spray System used for?

Thermal spray is a technology in which a material is heated and then applied to a prepared substrate as a spray of molten or semi-molten droplets which harden to form a protective coating. A thermal spray equipment improves, restores, and enhances a substrate’s surface. Spray coating systems are commonly used in electronic, aerospace, mechanical and automotive industries to provide corrosion and wear protection.


Arc spraying is a type of thermal spray coating. It involves two electrical wires being driven together and the resulting molten particles being forced out of the gun by compressed air onto a surface.


Plasma spraying is where powder coatings are fed into a high-powered jet, where they melt and are then sprayed over a surface. It is a type of thermal coating, and our expert team at IRS will be able..


Flame spraying is the original method of thermal coating and has been used for over 100 years. It is a very straightforward thermal coating method and is highly cost-effective. It involves melting powder..


HVOF is a type of thermal coating. HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxy Fuel. It works by mixing fluid fuel and oxygen in a chamber and igniting it. The resulting force is combined with a powder

Fusion Spray


Fusion spray is a type of thermal coating that is used for treating components in nuclear reactor plants. The parts in the reactor need to be treated with a certain process in order for them to be..


Hypersonic arc spraying is a type of thermal coating, that is similar to arc spraying. In hypersonic arc spraying the two electrical wires are forced together and the resulting particles are driven out of the..

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