Manufacturing Machining

What is machining?

Manufacturing is the process of turning raw materials into useful items, machining is classed as a secondary manufacturing process. Machining is the process whereby material is removed to obtain the desired shape or finish. For example, a shape may be cut out of a sheet of metal, this would be considered to be machining. Machining can also be known as metal cutting operation, or subtractive manufacturing, as machining involves removing the material from the workpiece. There are different types of processes that fall under the category of machining. Turning, drilling and milling are all examples of machining.

What are the benefits of machining?

Machining is one of the best ways for companies to remain competitive. Machining is highly cost-effective, as it is possible to produce many identical parts quickly and efficiently. The machines are automated so can produce far more than a human operator could. Machines can work tirelessly at a constant pace, so it is easy to forecast how much volume a machine can produce. This makes it easy to effectively cost jobs, and ensure that businesses are able to receive products at a fair price. The consistency delivered through machining is exceptional. Machining can be used on a variety of different materials and densities and can provide different finishes as required. The accuracy of machining is noteworthy, with tolerances down to .001”


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    When should we choose machining?

    If you need to produce a quantity of well-made, high-quality, identical parts for a reasonable price, machining is the best choice for you. Machining is vital in many manufacturing operations, providing the opportunity for businesses to be competitive in their marketplace. It is used where industries need a large volume of certain parts, either because they are subjected to high wear and tear, or where they require a volume of items for manufacturing and assembly of structures. Almost anything can be made by machining, ventilators, paintball guns, rims for tyres, to name a few. Machining is used by all sectors, from healthcare to defense. Machining is one of the incredible developments of the modern-day, and it has the potential to make virtually anything that you could wish for.

    Why choose IRS for your machining?

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