Engineering Services for Defence Industry

We are proud to serve the defence industry

At IRS we are proud to support the defence industry and work with the people tasked with defending our nation, at home and overseas. The defence industry is extremely important for keeping our country safe, and providing military support to other nations when needed. The equipment used by the defence industry is complex and advanced. We can work with companies to ensure that the equipment is the best that it can be, and is designed to withstand the conditions that it may be subject to. Different war zones have different issues, such as sand causing friction issues in desert warfare.

How can IRS Surfacing Technologies help within the defence industry?

We have an in-depth understanding of how different protective coatings can impact operational performance. We understand the importance of the work that we do within the defence industry and the responsibility that defence contracts carry. We will always work with you to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to your challenges. Amongst other projects, we provide protective coatings for arms and armour for a range of military use.


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    thermal coatings

    Which services are used by the defence industry?

    When you come to the team at IRS we will spend time understanding your requirements. For example, guns that are operating in damp conditions will have different issues with their mechanisms to guns that are to be used in hot climates. The forces placed upon the materials vary. We consider these factors when we select the best thermal coatings, and process of thermal coatings for your equipment. We often use the following; arc spray, hypersonic arc, and HVOF coatings.

    Why work with the team at IRS Surface Technologies

    At IRS Surface Technologies we bring our positive attitude to every project. We understand the importance of the work that we do with the defence industry, and always strive to deliver an exceptional standard of work. We constantly research the surface technologies industry, so that we can always bring our customers the latest advances in thermal coatings. We have invested in our resources so that we can continue to maintain our quick turnaround time. We always welcome no-obligation discussions from people within the defence sector and are on-hand to support with any projects that you may have. Simply contact the team at IRS Surface Technologies today.