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Thermal Spray Systems and Technologies

At IRS Surfacing Technologies Ltd we have an extensive industry experience and embrace the very latest thermal fringe technology in order to provide high quality, performance focused and cost-effective solutions for premature and severe wear and tear problems in the Pump, Chemical, Transport, and manufacturing industries to name but a few.  

We provide a wide range of in-house thermal spray systems and technologies that can be used across a broad range of applications.

These include:

  • 8 Axis ABB robotics incorporating fully integrated rotating and positioning
  • V.O.F Liquid & Gas powered
  • Plasma 40Kw
  • Plasma 40w Internal (as for bores and internal areas)
  • Hypersonic Arc-Spray incorporating bores and internal areas
  • Standard Arc-spray incorporating bores and internal areas.
  • Powder – Spray
  • Fusion Spray
  • Rokide linear-fed ceramic
  • Nylon & Plastics Spray
  • Sputter Arc

As leaders in our field, we are dedicated to providing a quality and customer-focused service that accommodates your unique needs.

Bringing together the latest development and production technology, alongside our manufacturing expertise and product knowledge, we are committed to going above and beyond to consistently provide the highest level of service.

From the moment you get in touch, we will fully engage with your specific requirements to provide quality coatings that are able to withstand the demands that come hand in hand with your business operations.

All of our metal spraying systems have been expertly engineered to provide exceptional performance, durability, and simplicity in a range of applications.

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