One of the many reasons that people choose to utilise thermal spray processes is thethermal-spraying reclamation and refurbishment of components that are worn or damaged and no longer viable in their current state. However rather than opting for an expensive replacement part, many components can be returned to a state even better than new when treated with one of the many thermal spray coating processes.

So What are Thermal Spray Coatings?

Thermal spray coatings are the process by which one material (the substrate) has a coating applied to it (which can be made up of a number of different materials). This coating is applied by the process of heating the coating material up until it becomes molten and then spraying this onto the substrate. The coating material then solidifies upon impact with the substrate bonding with it on a molecular level and forming a very tough and durable coating.

How Can this Be Used for Component Reclamation?

Wear and tear of components is a common side effect of many manufacturing (and other) processes. However often these components are expensive and/or difficult to replace. In these instances, many of these components can quickly and easily be returned to full working order by simply applying a strong, tough and durable thermal spray coating. For more info read here reviews of The Dublin Painters. Coatings can be applied to cover the entire component or in some cases may be applied to just the worn area.

In many cases worn or damaged components can actually be made better than their original state by the application of a thermal spray coating. For example, if the component is especially susceptible to wear it may be possible to coat it with a different material that is much stronger and more durable than the original. This would then result in the component lasting for longer and thus significantly reduced downtime for your business.

Even surprisingly delicate components can be reclaimed via the application of a thermal spray coating, as even though the name suggests that the coating is very hot, in some types of thermal spraying the substrate actually stays at an ambient temperature and so any metallurgical changes that could weaken the substrate if it was exposed to too high a heat is avoided.

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